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Bankrupcy Alternatives

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Bankrupcy | Comments Off on Bankrupcy Alternatives



Bankrupcy may seem as only possible solution that is left to you, but you might want to read this article first. Why? Well, due to the fact that this article contains information about alternatives of bankrupcy you probably have no clue about. Read this and you might find something that suits you, and that will pull you out of imminent bankrupcy and all the bad things that come with it.

Some creditors wil lcross all lines in order to collect their debt. They will harass you in order to make you sucumb to the harassment and find some way to pay them even though you can’t do that without going in another debt. In that case you can use collection laws on federal and state level that serve to protect people from abusive collectors and their conducts.

Before you do anything else try to negotiate with your debt collectors. You ca nse whether they are willing to wait on you while you sell some oof your assets, or simply pay them on monthly basis from the income you have. This is better way to deal with them then pay same thing and have bankrupcy on your back.

counseling agencies

Credit Counseling agencies may be able to assist you when you happen to be at the endge of bankrupcy. An agency like this will takenegotiation with credits on itself, and if they succeed your credit record will be clean, there won’t be traces of bankrupcy on it. SO, go out there and find one such agency and let them do the work.

Or you can do nothing. Yes, nothing. If you have no assets to sell, or that can be taken by creditors, and if your income is very low there are no things that can be done to you via legal ways. This should be avoided, but in some cases it beats bankrupcy said chicago chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers.

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Understanding Bankrupcy 

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Bankruptcy Truth | Comments Off on Understanding Bankrupcy 

Bankruptcy truth

To be able to live through the bankruptcy you will have to know what it carries and what it represents. Many people think that bankruptcy is the end, and that there is nothing after that, but they are mistaken. Others think that bankruptcy is a good way to start anew, discard all previous debts and start from the scratch, build finances once again, and they are wrong as well. There are many things that are misunderstood about bankruptcy, and I will try to shed some light in them and some hope in you who are desperate and at the brink of such state. 


Filing Bankruptcy and other court processes are not free to start. Only for upfront costs you will have to pay around 800 dollars ( it varies depending on state ). Lawyer is not cheap and if you want a good one you will have to pay him well. But, if you hire lousy lawyer you may end up losing everything, which makes bankruptcy expensive process. We recommend dallas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers.

Court process is obligatory. But it is not same as being defender in a crime case. You will sit and answer few questions which will be asked by trustee and sometimes creditors ( who may or may not show up ).

Mandatory classes are also obligatory. You can take them online and they cost around 30 per class. There are two types of classes, per-petition which will ensure that bankruptcy is really the only solution and post-petition which will teach you about money management.


You will not be able to clear all debts. Your debts will be payed, by you, through monthly payments. This will be done via trustee. TO ensure your ability to provide those payments they will be smaller ( but it will take longer to pay out those creditors ).

Your life will change. Your credit card will be marked with bankrupcy and some things will be out of reach during that time. Recovery of normal life for you and for your family is going to be long and hard, but the most important thing is to keep going and not to give up.

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Limits of Bankrupcy 

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Bankrupcy Limits | Comments Off on Limits of Bankrupcy 

Bankrupcy is good because it eliminates debts ( or to say it correctly transfers them in monthly payments ), but not all debts are erased, some stick to you. What nbankrupcy can do to you, andwhat it can’t is subject of this article. Bankrupcy will help you erase some debts, like credit card and othre debts that are unsecured. To avoid this you mayget secured credit card, because without it your balance on that card is unsecured and can be taken awat. And that can fall to water if creditor has a lien on it, because if he does you can’t do anything to them.


Bankrupcy will bring an end to all creditor harassment you suffered and collection activities done by them. Trustee that is appointed by court will oversee your property and secure it from creditors.

Bankrupcy may be used to erase certain kinds of lien, and that can be done by certain procedures in the court. But, this should not be only reason for bankrupcy, court will see that and then you are screwed.


And now we come to the things bankrupcy is useless against. First, bankrupcy and eventual discharge can’t save you from secured creditors. They will stroll in and take your property if you fail to find middle ground with them.

If you had alimony obligations or child support before bankrupcy those things will wait you after it as well. These expenses and debts will not be eliminated by bankrupcy.

Bankrupcy can help in erasing student loan, but if certain conditions are met ( a chance to meet those requirements is very low ). In most cases student loan will stand after bankrupcy and you will have to pay it.

Eliminating tax debts through bankrupcy can be done, but there are only few that did it. Don’t rely on bankrupcy to solve those debts, because there are many requirements to erase them, and they have to be very old debts.

Other nondischargeable debts will not be erased. This class holds debts for personal injury ( if you did it in intoxicated state for example ), debts you forgot to list when you filed for bankrupcy and so on. You can always contact pasadena Personal injury attorney for more information.

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